I can help you get faster where you want to be.

– by giving meaning to everything you do, for you and the people you’d like to reach out,
– and by making it simple and painless.

Because it’s easier than ever before in human history to bring your ideas to life.
It’s also easier nowadays to appear in front of thousands of people.
The hard part is to make people see the value of what you’ve created.

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Let’s stop trying to fix what seems to be a problem. Instead, let’s face your real obstacles and find resourceful ways to overcome them.

Happy Clients


Tolee did not just teach me how to use social media. It was him who insisted from the first moment to follow my dream … Tolee was the one who insisted that I should be myself and follow my heart.

Ioanna Serafeimidou
Ioanna SerafeimidouOwner of Pigolampides

Tolee showed me the human face of marketing, to ask a lot of questions to myself, to evaluate my job, to write with meaning, to be honest, and true to my thoughts and intentions. He knows how to untie you when you’re stuck. Trust him. Whatever he says works!

Sofia Emertziadou
Sofia EmertziadouVlogger

Do not work with Tolee if you like easy stuff, if you can’t handle the truth, if you are not ready to change for the better, if you do not like fresh ideas, or if you want chewed food.
He taught me “to write”, “to read” about my work and to discover every day why I like so much what we do

Christina Chrysochoidou
Christina ChrysochoidouCo-Owner & Co-Founder of Ichtheis

Tolee has the talent to convey the message through his attitude towards life, through his own experiences, through sharing the knowledge he has gained by trying things out and experimenting, and without fear of expressing both successes and lessons learned from failures. That is what I think is what inspires us to take the next step.

Christina Doukouzgianni
Christina DoukouzgianniVlogger - Make Video Greece

It all started by reading one of Tolee’s article. I felt that this is the person I need. He has the elements of emotional intelligence and authenticity. He helped me understand how important it is to share my own story and not just hide behind impersonal ‘dry’ articles or pictures.
Thank you for the trip we share. I am glad I trusted you.

Efrosini Mitsiou
Efrosini MitsiouMental Coach - Psychologist

I would like to congratulate you Tolee, not so much about the knowledge, the organization, and the immediacy that stands out in our cooperation, but mostly about the transmissibility and patience you have for someone like me.
Thank you for this!

Penelope Kalaitzopoulou
Penelope KalaitzopoulouHead of Marketing, Medela Greece - P. Kaikonidis Ltd.


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