Caitlyn Pasternak

Self-Acceptance, Negative Emotions and Dealing with Ego

The Generosity Project S02E06

I am following Caitlyn Pasternak on Instagram for a while now, and although she’s coaching women, I am often inspired by her content she’s putting out there.
You can feel her energy even through the screen of your phone.
Her Instagram and her podcast have huge value for ladies and gents!
Check her links at the bottom of this text!
Cailtyn Pasternak is a Women’s Leadership Coach who helps leaders embody new levels of evolution so they can create lives that turn their soul on. Through intuitive development, quantum physics, hypnotherapy, neuroscience, and esoteric foundations; she offers women an integrated experience that will allow their highest selves to truly land in their bodies to manifest their visions with grace and flow, not force and rigidity. With one foot in soul and one foot in swagger, Caitlyn provides strategy and support to stretch women out of their comfort zones so they can earn more, love deeper, and experience magic on the reg. Through her private mentorship, mastermind programs, iTunes podcast, and Youtube channel; Caitlyn is inspiring women to take messy and sexy action everyday so they can amp up their growth game while having fun doing it.




What’s The Generosity Project about

This lady knows what she’s talking about!
She doesn’t shy away to get vulnerable when she’s struggling with her own shit.
Caitlyn Pasternak definitely lives her work.

Recording of a Facebook Live with Caitlyn Pasternak on November 13th, 2018
You can watch the recording will all the comments and replies here.